Friday, July 13, 2012

Almost finished layout...

Roxy is the most amazing little girl.  She turned 6 on July 4th and I cannot believe how quickly time has flown.  A Pit Bull mix, she has quite a bit of energy.  Unfortunately, the manufaturers of dog toys have not yet made a toy that is Roxy-proof.  That is, will last more than 15 minutes without being destroyed.  My pug loved to rip the stuffing out of her toys, but it would take a couple of hours...not minutes.  We drove Roxy to the pet store on her birthday to choose a toy and she chose the football which is no surprise because she has a Jets collar around her neck.  This toy lasted about 10 minutes and I enjoyed watching her intense concentration and sheer joy.

I thought I was done with the layout, but it appears quite unfinished to me.  Much like the papers I write, prior to editing, I will let it sit before returning to make any changes.  This layout has sat...and sat.  So, my plan is to return to it this evening.  I hope to post the final version tonight.  Until then, I plan to beat the heat by taking a trip to one of my favorite craft stores - Hobby Lobby.

Happy Scrapping,


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