Sunday, December 16, 2012

Updates...disappointed I did not participate in the December Daily...

First, I have to say...what was I thinking not commencing a December Daily.  I spent the morning looking at so many blogs that participated and I feel like kicking myself.  I will definitely participate next year. 

So much has gone on...and I really wish I would update my blog much more often, but teaching has been incredibly overwhelming this year.  So, I thought that I might update my blog with some photos...

Fall Ball season is was really great to watch him play on the weekends.  He has evolved into quite the player.  We are excited to move up to the majors next year.

This past Thursday I went into the hospital for a planned surgery (thanks to Crohn's Disease).  I am blessed to have a group of surgeons supporting me.  They are incredibly talented and have ethical standards I have never first...They have saved my life on three different occassions.  Hospitals have changed...ID bands now look like tracking devices.

I wanted to share this picture of my mom and my Bubba.  It was a great moment!  No video games or electronic devices...just a very old wooden game called Booby Trap.  Nestled in the dining room, they played game after game.

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