Monday, January 20, 2014

Working on .....

Just thought I would share a couple of projects I am working on. First, I am starting to put my Project Life Midnight Edition together. I am unable to keep up with it on a weekly basis so I though I would organize it by months instead. I should force myself to document my life during the weekend as well because it would force me to do something during the week that was not related to work.

Second, I am working on a printer tray in memory of my beloved pug JuJu. It is taking me such a long time to get it together. I hope to complete it some time this week.

Lastly, most of my time has gone to keeping an eye on my new baby. She is teething and just about chewing anything she can put in her mouth, including my fingers and toes.

Looking forward to sharing the completed projects Here's to another weekend!

Happy scrappin'


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