Saturday, June 3, 2017

My New Normal

It's such a lovely experience to watch a flower go through the process of blooming and its such a shame the bloom does not last for a longer period of time.  I guess the fact the bloom is finite makes us really appreciate the beauty for the small time we have it.  I have the great fortune of watching my peony bloom and the perfume it omits is so soft and soothing.  As much as I admire its beauty I am also reminded of its fragility and how it is a symbolic representation of our own lives.

The past two weeks have been incredibly difficult, which is a bit of an understatement.  Not feeling well, I took my mother to the Emergency Room and our worst fears came to fruition - she was diagnosed with an MI - fancy terms for a heart attack.  Following the heart attack my mother required a quadruple bypass and the surgery was scheduled at a hospital 45 minutes north of my home.  Fast forward to today and all is relatively well.  Mom is home, but is in need of constant care which has been difficult considering I commute three hours to and from work each day.  Despite the exhaustion, I am so lucky my mother has the opportunity to recover and resume normal activities.  My saving grace is that that summer vacation is quickly approaching and I can defer all rest until then.

Crafting has taken a back seat to my life at the moment and I am looking forward to returning to the hobby I love so dearly.

Happy crafting,  

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