Sunday, July 16, 2017

What did I see when I looked down at my feet?

Ordinarily I would think taking a picture of my feet was a bit odd, but today I saw something very different.   I love to be barefoot, indoors, outdoors, on grass, on concrete, and even driving.  Today I looked at my feet and wondered where my feet would take me next.  In other words, paying close attention to my feet forced me to take a hard look at my own journey and the direction I was headed (or more importantly - hoping to head).  It's been on my mind all dang day and if I could choose the ideal location for my feet to head into, it would be a new career path where I would be able to use my crafty talents.  My feet have literally and figuratively pushed me to change course in a life that was otherwise static.

On the down side...being barefoot is probably what caused me to contract Lyme's Disease.  Despite the horrors of the disease, I will continue to live most of my life without shoes and will look down more often hoping my feet will guide me into a life with love, good health and fulfilling my dreams.


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