Saturday, February 18, 2017

Where the heck did my craft mojo go?

First, a completely new human being has entered into my life and while I would like to say she came from my loins, she didn't, she came from the loins of my younger brother.  My niece came into this world one year ago and this planet has become better since her arrival.  My mom's first human grandchild, I do not think I have ever seen her this happy.

Despite such an amazing event, you would think I would have cranked out the layouts, but I really have not had the energy to craft anything.  Over the summer I was Project Life obsessed and made a dent completing my Project Life pages, but as usual, work becomes all encompassing and completely consumes me and whatever time I have left over within the day,  My puggy also suffered a back injury in September which was one of my most devastating experiences.  She has made significant improvements and every day is one step closer to normalcy.   It has been really difficult to engage in paper crafting. What has not suffered as much is my  textile crafting.  I am working on a rug hooking project which I completely adore (picture to follow in my next blog post).

So, I hope to resume this crafting journey and expect my creative mojo will return from the extended vacation it seems to have enjoyed,

Until then,,,happy scrappin'.

Crafty Ivy